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Friday, January 28, 2005


Two things I find annoying

Well. Three things if I count the fact that I got my car out of my snow encased driveway to do an errand only to have it BREAK DOWN and have to be taken to the mechanics and it might have to stay there the whole weekend and I have to carpool with a coworker tomorrow and and . . . *whine*.

OK. I feel better now.

Anyway. Two things I find annoying.

Pink sports gear . Hey, I may be a "girl" but I hate the pink stuff. Sports gear should be sports gear, not frills and froo-froo. Women don't want oversized jerseys and big graphics? I have to take issue with that. My closet full of number jerseys and graphic intensive XL Tshirts says so. And thanks, but I like the sport itself. Although I have to admit cute&sexy players don't hurt. :)

And two. The way a certain boston writer has to take a dig at the Red Sox whenever possible, even in articles that have NOTHING to do with the Sox, or even baseball. Take this article where he says

Try to imagine this in the self-important, self-centered world of baseball. When Nomar and Pedro were injured, they immersed themselves in the magnitude of their misery and made sure everyone knew how much they hurt and how hard they were trying to return. Curt Schilling, who played through pain and delivered like no baseball player in the history of our town, elaborated on his struggle with a heartfelt postgame dissertation that elevated a playoff game to a veritable Fenway Fatima.

Now what the hell does that have to do with anything? Did he really need to stick a snarky remark in a very positive article on our home football team? I don't know why it continues to surprise me though. I should have gotten used to it by now.

And a totally random thought for a totally random day. Think this
will mean we'll be playing in the P&G stadium? The SOSH folk would get a chuckle.

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