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Monday, January 31, 2005

Bits and bobs

I've been whining (and have always whined) whenever there's a two week bye in between the last playoff game and the Superbowl. "Two weeks are too long. Too much time for hype." etc. But his morning I thought of something. If Superbowl had only had one, it would have been over now. Nothing to look forward to anymore. In a way, it's like Christmas. Seems to take so long to get here, but the anticipation is a pleasure in itself. And that's a good thing. Besides, it also means that the gap between the Superbowl and pitchers and catchers reporting is shorter too.

This amused me.

Someone I'll be rooting for come Sunday. What a great story.

Dont forget. NESN continues its World Series Winter. Complete schedule here . First game of the 2004 ALCS is tonight. I suppose I'd be more excited if I didn't have the original FOX broadcasts on DVD already. (Thank god for people with TiVOs and DVD-R's.) But there's just something special watching something live, even if you have seen it before. And it's not like I've watched these games more than a couple (dozen) times. I'm not sure how much of the first three games I'll watch on NESN. But I may tune in tonight in time to see the seventh inning. Just for the sheer perverse thrill of watching Mussina's perfect game broken up. I'm so evil.
*insert evil grinning smiley face here*

And don't forget to vote in NESN's poll for a possible 2004 DVD set.

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