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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Getting Started

Well. Where do I begin.

I was going to do one of these last season but everytime I keep track of the season, well. You know, right? Actually, I've never kept a journal but in 2000, 2001, and 2002 I had printouts where I logged wins, losses, rainouts, clippings etc and look what happened. So, being a "typical" supersitious baseball fan - 2003, I didn't keep formal track at all (although I did watch or go to all of the games as usual) and we made the playoffs. I was on to something. 2004, I did the same (even went to a few more games than usual). And it was the greatest sports year I ever had. So now my personal jinx is over. O V A.

And so I thought I'd try something new. This will be the result, I hope. Ive never really kept any kind of a journal at all, even a diary as a kid. So it will be a learning experiance.

Now I need to go make profiles and tweak settings and everything else I'm supposed to do here.

See you later.

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