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Monday, February 07, 2005

The Day After

Some random thoughts on last night's game from a sleep deprived fan.

The National Anthem. Absolutely spine-tingling. I actually felt shivers. That's the way it should be done. None of the "look how well I can sing, look I can trill and add vibreto and stuff in extra notes". Beautiful.

It was a close game. The Eagles played us well. It's weird that the score was tied in the first, second and third. The Patriots didn't score first and fell behind. But Brady and his team did not get rattled and tied it right off. And then, like the Sox, never trailed again. Hey, all of you that had identical pairs of numbers in those Squares office pools did well.

I really loved the fact that the stadium played the scoring music for each team that they have in their own stadium. Is this new or has the Superbowl always done this? I have to admit, I pantomimed throwing snow into the air at every HEY.

I am so happy for Deion Branch. That man has been told his whole life he's too small to play football. And now he's MVP of the Superbowl. And he deserved it.

Although, personally, I wanted to give it to Rodney Harrison. That man came up huge. He left everything on that field, and got to "give something" to the opposition. He didn't get to give it to Freddie Mitchel personally, but I suppose Rodney can take pleasure in the fact he caught more passes than Freddie did. And that last drive interception was just the sweet cherry on the even sweeter sundae.

Tedy. What can you say about him. Sack and interception machine. I was worried when he went down, but he seems to be ok. Rodney Harrison gave me a scare there too, but he was back sooner than I expected, making a big play. I hope Eugene Wilson will be okay.

Vrabel. Another Superbowl; another touchdown catch. The other side seemed to expect it this time, but Mike made an amazing, tipping catch, worthy of any highlight reel.

Brady. No MVP this year, but wow. Three Superbowl rings and he's only 27. We are so lucky.

Corey. I am so happy for Corey Dillon I was very dubious when they traded for this guy. I wondered about his reputation. But he's turned out to be better than my wildest dreams. Thank you, Cinci. It was a lovely present.

Hey, Bill. The other bench! And thanks for wearing the hoodie. It just wouldn't be the same without it.

TO played phoenominally. I wasn't expecting much but man, he would have been MVP if the score had been reversed. Amazing.

The halftime show was so much better than last year. Something that made you want to sit and listen. Last year I wandered away from the TV and did other things. This year I even sang along.

Another three point Superbowl. What IS it with our team and winning a Superbowl by three points? Another game decided by an Adam Vinatieri field goal. At least this time, he got to do it earlier in the game and relax a bit.

The "aw" moment. Watching Bill, Romeo and Charlie hug on the sidelines after the win. I got a bit verklempt. Goodbye, Mr Crennel and Mr Weiss. We'll miss you. Thanks for everything.

I love the water dump on the coach (just as long as it's not too cold for the poor guy), but jeez, get his dad out of the way first. Although he's an old football coach himself, he might have liked it.

Now with all that gushing and babbling out of the way -

What the Hell were the Eagles thinking in the closing minutes of the game? What was with the clock (mis)management? They just took their time in the last chunk of the game, ESPECIALLY after they scored that touchdown to pull within 3. Ok, the onside kick was debatable. They're difficult but not impossible and if they had pulled it off they would have been in great position (thank you, Christian). But they're very risky. Personally I would have punted, trying to nail the Pats near their own goalline. The Eagles had a good defense. I think they should have tried to make the Pats go three and out and take over with possibly good field position. Ok, so they didn't. They still stopped the Pats and took over with plenty of time left to do something. But what did they do? Play like it was the third quarter. Where was the hurry up offense? Where was the no-huddle play? They'd wander into a huddle. Then they'd amble to the line. Seconds ticked away. The *game* ticked away. And then they were forced to toss and Rodney put it away. Now, the Pats would not have done that. Judging by their last two Superbowls, Tom would have gone to the hurry up, drove his team down the field and Adam would have kicked the game tying FG. But then again. I'm glad they did what they did. :)

So. Now comes the parade. I love duckboats and confetti. And a week and a half or so until pitchers and catchers report. I wonder if the Sox will have the Patriots throw out the first pitch(es) on Opening Day again. Worked last year. I did hear a rumor that the Sox wanted to keep the Opening Day ceremonies concentrated on the World Series and the fact that they play at home on Patriots Day would mean something. But we'll see, I suppose.

Gah I need a nap. But it's hard to sleep when you're floating on air.

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