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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Field of Dreams

Fenway lives!

And I have to say I couldn't be happier. I love that park. And yes. I have been there. In fact, I go to a dozen or more games a year. I've sat in almost every section of the park. Still working on a couple. *knocks wood about Green Monster lottery*. And I love every bit. OK the right field grandstand's could be improved, which actually is a possibility. And I find it so easy to get to. Yes really. And I don't pay $40 for parking either.

And you can't rebuild history. The red seat. The Wall. The Pesky Pole. The scoreboard. The Morse Code. The CitGo sign and the view of the Pru. You can try to duplicate, but it would only be a pale copy.

I'll tell you one thing. When I go to a game, I get there, go in the gate. Enjoy the Yawkey Way Fest (thanks, Owners). And then I use the rest room, get something to eat and drink. And then I find my seat, sit, and then I don't move the rest of the game. I don't need any fancy diversions, any special concessions (although thanks for the right field concourse. Good stuff.) or any of that stuff people say Fenway lacks. I go to watch a game, and to soak up the ambiance and atmosphere. And Fenway has that in spades.

You know. In my neck of the woods, there are lots of beautiful beach cottages and houses in the woods. And people come in, buy them up, tear them down and build McMansions. And I can't help feeling something's been lost in the process.

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